The Concept of The Universe Part III

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To clarify the concepts that nothing is a graphical representation of the Universe, a geometric model that will help us locate ourselves in time and space. These models demonstrate the theory of common sense by providing a confirmation of the discoveries made in situ or vice versa, by predicting the existence of a new phenomenon.

So it is better that the researcher believes in his equations, is able to solve and interpret them, saying that the sooner they are confirmed in reality, the sooner his theory will be considered. Some “enlightened” researchers were however shattered against the wall of their seclusion, unable to prove what they predicted.

Cosmos Palette
The universe can not be put in a petri dish but we may well consider an event that is not reproducible. Just consider this condition as being equal to its own average. T. Lombry illustration.

Today, scientists have tamed metaphysics, taking care to cultivate where science shows its impotence. It is therefore not surprising that in the limits of knowledge, philosophy is often in the shadow of the researcher. Nothing prevents the idealistic physicist to believe that the universe is the product of the Divine and that we are wherever we are through His will.

Some people will think this as an unscientific idea. They are free to believe that the universe would exist even if we did not exist. Illusion or reality, the universe is intrinsically linked to our evolution, the laws of thermodynamics offer us some clues in this direction. Recognizing the usefulness of philosophy allows the researcher to continue his quest for knowledge. We ask that philosophy does not require us to define all the terms of our knowledge. [End]
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